Vance/Vans/Wentz Y-DNA Project

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These pages hold additional information provided by the administrators of the Vance/Vans/Wentz Y-DNA Project. 

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The trees available here show 654 descendant Vances (so mostly just the family sons) of Abner Vance, Sr. who died in Abingdon VA in 1819.  Abner had 6 confirmed sons and one daughter Elizabeth who all passed on the Vance surname.  Descendants generally are shown down to about the 1920’s only for privacy reasons. 

Click on any of Abner and Susannah’s children in the picture below to see their further Vance descendants in the larger image box.  Placing your mouse (or finger on mobile devices) over the larger image will zoom in on the detail.  You can also “right-click” on the larger image box to download the full image.  

Vances Descended from Abner’s son John Vance (c.1781 – 1855)

Abner Vance Lines-1

Information used to build these trees was adapted from Barbara Vance Cherep’s book on Matthew Vance and Vance Family Association records.