The Life of Trees   (Or:  Still Another Phylogeny Program)

About Me

My name is Dave Vance and I’ve been a traditional genealogist for over 30 years since my father originally passed on his hobby to me.

I also worked for IBM for over 30 years first as a computer programmer and eventually as a services manager, and it was through IBM’s partnership with the National Genographic Project in 2005 that I submitted my first test kit and became interested in the growing field of genetic genealogy.

Since then I have tested with multiple companies and participate as a periodic contributor to the various L21 and L513-related forums. Two of my surname project groups are under L513 and I help those groups also sort out the various relationships between themselves and within their larger haplogroups.

Why did I write SAPP? Because it was the tool I needed (frankly, I’m tired of trying to make sense of Fluxus charts and wanted something a little easier to read…).

Comments or questions can be addressed to me at